Lovage designs websites. We love creatively collaborating with you and with each other. Diving into your industry during the process - from builders and tech pioneers to wealth management firms to art and eco innovators - what a pleasure of continual exposure to fresh ideas and inspiration.

You've built a purposeful business.

We are here to showcase your business, honed for the online space, enticing customers, clients, investors, and talent. 
Stephanie M. Casey - Lovage Inc. Founder
Stephanie Casey Founded Lovage Inc. in 2016
Stephanie M. Casey owns and runs Website Development Company, Lovage Inc.


Stephanie has worked in major, indie, and new media on both coasts and in Texas for 25 years on a wide variety of communications, media, business, and production efforts - marketing, movies, music, events, luxury retail, and community-building blogs.

A background in motion picture production informed the Lovage 30-Day Website Development Process to be easy on your time while heavy on smart, creative development.

A great website tells a story, takes you on a journey. The invention of unique website experiences melds all her talents, for the modern era.

We love all our customers who have worked hard to build their businesses. It is a special honor to serve companies who are working to change the balance in Business ESG arenas: eco, diversity, inclusion, representation. Personal causes I get behind with volunteer and financial support are animal welfare and access to arts education for kids.

Founder / CEO

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The Brand Movement - Luxury Brand and Design in Texas
Website Design Company Team in Texas
Digital Website Producer in Texas

Production, Creative

Ryan is a Dallas native with a creative x techie mind which applies itself so well to web design. He holds an Arts Degree and is adept at Video production, Animation, Graphic Design, and Website Design. He also enjoys getting nerdy with APPs, coding, and advanced website production features. He's quick to solve a problem with a creative fix and... lives for such things!

Creative Graphic Design For Website Development

Project Mgmt

Ayme is a Brooklynite who originally studied psychology but ended up working in production - specfically in production management for many moons. She has worked in fashion, textile, and accessories for clients including Brookstone, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren and Vintage Havana.

With a knack for keeping things organized and a memory that warehouses the most trivial of things - under Ayme's watch... no detail slides by unnoticed! 

Websites Built on WIX by A Website Development Agency
Erika Mardones is an Account Manager at Lovage Inc.
Lovage Producer Erika Mardones

Creative Direction

Erika has one of those personalities which beams from down the block. She's a smarty with a marketing degree who executes with grace and panache. 


Bringing in touches from her background in yoga instruction and styling, with Erika on your side, your project will be chic, organized, and smooth-flowing with ideas popping off the whole time. She'll assess situations and craft solutions which lead to levity, clarity, and smiles all around.


Custom Code + Tech

Nithin is a WIX Velo custom coder working on Lovage projects such as customized shopping experiences. With the knowledge that any function or process may developed at the same level on WIX, as with any other website platform, he brings his advanced knowledge of the WIX platform into every project's ideation stage, solution process and development.



Sage was adopted from Dallas Animal Services and dutifully serves as head love bug. Check out The Love Bug Collective for resources on shelter & rescue foster and adoption! #adoptdontshop

Jeremy Johnson, Dallas Designer
Creative Graphic Design For Website Development


An original! Creative designer Jermy (as his nickname and email read) may seem unassuming but with decades of creative life behind him he is basically a musical savant, chefs it up like a pro, can solve any technical issue or design problem you throw his way, and is tapped into the "way cool." 


He makes everything from ads, websites, t-shirts, wall art, and marketing collateral tell that story it needs to tell with energy and a little hilarity wink (if the situation allows).


Custom Code + Tech

Founded and owned by Felipe Bustos, DiayTech hops into complex tech projects with Lovage Inc. from client's needing custom experiences, advanced custom-coded effects, or - say, a proprietary API system built and integrated with specific needs... DiayTech is our go-to partner!



Viktor is also a DAS alum. He always knows what's going on and is quick to respond to any inquiry or lapportunity.



Web Production, Design, and Project MGMT Skills

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