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Lovage designs websites. We enjoy creatively collaborating with you and with each other.

The Lovage team is fully remote and coast-to-coast.

The Lovage Team believes in inclusion, moving forward, freedom, and efforts which support evolvement, learning, joy, diversity, healing, health, and access to resources

You've built a purposeful business - you inspire us.

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Stephanie has worked in major, indie, and new media on both coasts and in Texas for 25 years on a wide variety of communications, media, business, and production efforts - marketing, movies, music, events, luxury retail, and community-building blogs.

Her background in motion picture production informed the Lovage 30-Day Website Process.

A great website tells a story, takes you on a journey. The invention of unique website experiences melds all her talents, for the modern era.

Native Texan. 15-Year East & West Coaster. Animal Advocate. Vegetable Grower. Musician.

Dog Walks over vehicles. Quiet over loud. Kindness and grace over everything.

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Ryan Shafer, Website Designer


Website Design


Ryan is a Dallas native with a graphics x web mind.


He holds an Arts Degree and brings his past experience in Video production, Animation, and Graphic Design to his Website Design work.


Always ready to embrace the newest technology and styling expectations - Ryan is quick to solve a problem with a creative fix and lives for such things! 

Soon-to-Be Husband. Cat Dad. Explorer. Family Man. Entrepreneur.

Eager about new things. Excited by design tech evolution. Focused, calm, and kind.

    Christine Gray - Copywriter


    Copywriter / Editor


    Degrees in art, communications and media studies and a life of creative endeavors have given Christine the ability to envision unique ideas and provide powerful copy solutions for your business.

    Organization is her jam. 

    At-a-glance, scannable yet meaty and effective copy is her goal.

    Former Ballerina. Clarinetist. Holistic Creative.

    Thrives on reigning in communication chaos. Passionate about artistry and innovation. Lived in Hawaii. Loves a coast. Fall is her favorite season.

      Erika Mardones, creative director, standing in front of statue with cool tennis shoes


      Creative Director


      Erika is a creative with a marketing degree who approaches her work with grace and panache. With a keen eye for refinement - research and invention informs her innovative design ideas.


      Beaming in from the West Coast - with Erika on your side, your project will be chic and sophisticated with researched (just for you!) innovation and nuance. Erika's creative direction will take your company's online website design into a next-level realm you will likely pull from, for other assets you create.

      Texan by Birth. Mother. Yogi. Hiker. Cat Lover. Admirer and Explorer of the Great Outdoors.

      Entranced by designs of nature. An eye for style. Sucker for sunshine. 


        Ayme Acevedo_edited_edited.jpg


        Project Manager


        Ayme is a Brooklynite who originally studied psychology but ended up working in production - specifically in production management for many moons.


        She has worked for clients including Brookstone, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren and Vintage Havana.

        With a knack for keeping things organized and a memory that warehouses the most trivial of things - under Ayme's watch... no detail slides by unnoticed! 

        Born in Texas. Dedicated New Yorker. Married to an Irishman. Spanish Speaker.

        Detail impressario and big picture puppeteer. Global style sponge. Knower of where to get the best street slice.

          Erica Drueckhammer, Copywriter


          Copywriter / Editor


          Erica is a wordsmith. She nurtures ideas and intent into obvious, clear-communication copy.


          With a corporate background leading copy departments - Erica offers honed, precise focus in her copy work.


          Her experience includes Neiman Marcus, Editorial Manager; JC Penney, Copy Chief; PaperCity, Texas Monthly. She also authored a novel, "The Daisy Chain."

          Wife. Mom. Lover of Pugs.

          Lifelong creative. Adept at moving between the worlds of luxury, tech, law, business - whatever you throw at Erica, she dives in deep.

            Lovage also works with various, trusted partners on design and coding for special projects and advanced tech needs.