Image by Annie Spratt

Stephanie has worked in major, indie, and new media on both coasts and in Texas for 25 years on a wide variety of communications, media, business, and production efforts.

Professional credits include advertising post-production, Bill Moyers Docs, HBO productions, major motion pictures with the likes of  Garry Marshall and M. Night Shyamalan, nationally touring her own music, fashion and food blogging, Neiman Marcus creative online producer, production and creative direction of large events, photoshoots, and film as well as writing for local and national publications. 

Stephanie has appeared on "Think with Krys Boyd," the cover of the Motion Picture Editor's Guild magazine, cooking shows, and had her music written up in numerous publications. 

Founder / CEO


Erika has one of those personalities which beams from down the block. She's a smarty with a marketing degree who executes with grace and panache. 


Bringing in touches from her background in yoga instruction and styling, with Erika on your side, your project will be chic, organized, and smooth-flowing with ideas popping off the whole time. She'll assess situations and craft solutions which lead to levity, clarity, and smiles all around.


An original! Creative designer Jermy (as his nickname and email read) may seem unassuming but with decades of creative life behind him he is basically a musical savant, chefs it up like a pro, can solve any technical issue or design problem you throw his way, and is tapped into the "way cool." 


He makes everything from ads, websites, t-shirts, wall art, and marketing collateral tell that story it needs to tell with energy and a little hilarity wink (if the situation allows).


Ryan is a Dallas native with a creative x techie mind which applies itself so well to web design. He holds an Arts Degree and is adept at Video production, Animation, Graphic Design, and Website Design. He also enjoys getting nerdy with APPs, coding, and advanced website production features. He's quick to solve a problem with a creative fix and... lives for such things!


Keya is a storyteller extraordinaire. Wordplay in poetry, storytelling, and puns are a few of her favorite things. She works hard to research your existing story,  brand, and mission to create catchy tag-lines and succinct copy. 


She received a Masters of Art in Design & Innovation from SMU and is committed to making your message stand out and connect with your intended audience.


In addition to being a copywriter,  Keya is also a design thinking consultant and a design researcher. 


Dan graduated from the University of North Texas in 2014 with an education in Radio/Television/Film. 


Following graduation he worked for a variety of marketing companies while also pusuing freelance creative marketing work, video production, and performing with a touring band.  He found his way to LOV in 2016.


The Brand Movement is a creative studio that contributes to special projects at Lovage. Specializing in branding, design, and illustration - with 20 years of experience, the duo has a knack for visual communication through purposeful, artistic creative.


Katie, an artist and yoga teacher, brings her passion for details and movement into every aspect of her work. Mike, an artist, and creative director offers well-crafted, conceptually successful design.