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YOU vs YOU (it's not about you)

Does your website mostly contain "We" and "Our?"

Especially your homepage and services information - is your business talking about itself?

Do all the headlines read like a CV?


The "you" you need to highlight is your customer / client.

You need to be talking to, for, and about your customer.

The same information should be communicated (your services, expertise, and establishment) just spun to read as your customer's needs and pain points!

photo of white arrow carved out in cement wall, arrow is pointing right

How Do I Spin My Website Copy To Be About My Customer?


Well, THEIR problem. You solve it. But let them see what they need in terms of THEM.


How, precisely, can you help your ideal client? What should they do next to get that help?


That's us. As a bonus, hiring outside experts gives you fresh eyes and minds on the communication of your product and story. You may unwittingly be using insider lingo which is too complex or outdated copy which is not reflective of your current business positioning.


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