Why Lovage switched to WIX Website Focus

Lovage Inc. is a WIX Website Design + Development Agency in Dallas, Texas

If you've visited our site recently you may have noticed a few changes, namely a redesign of our branding and site!

This revamp is indicative of a new focus here at Lovage: WIX Website Design.

We are proud to be in the first, small wave of official WIX Agency Partners.

Already categorized by the platform as "Wix Experts," this fresh partnership gives us direct access to their development funnel and immediate support for any issue.

Up until now, we've consulted with clients about every facet of their company's content: social media, brand identity, copywriting, etc. DO NOT FEAR! These offerings are still available at Lovage and are often a part of the site building process.

However, after years spent building sites for clients across a range of industries, we've come to recognize how designing sites on WIX has consistently given us a deeper understanding of who our clients are and how to best help them. Nothing touches on every aspect of a company in the same way that building a website does.

Our goal remains the same: to establish and refine the presence and communications of your brand. We're just starting the process with the creation of your website.

Why is WIX a good website platform?

WIX Functionality

We've been building sites exclusively on WIX for over 5 years and are qualified by the platform as "WIX Experts." This has allowed us to stay in the loop on WIX updates and become closely familiar with the platform's editor, backend capabilities, plugins, and various other integrations.

The platform's functions have advanced at light speed the past few years and WIX is now toe-to-toe with other top website hosting platforms except...MUCH easier for clients to manage!

SEO Capabilities

WIX has continually developed the SEO capabilities of their websites and surpassed expectations in this important arena for online success. Optimizing a WIX site is extremely intuitive for business owners building their own site but also advanced enough for us to add structured data and give your site an extra edge in search engines.

User Friendly

But WIX's biggest appeal is its ease of use.

That comes into play once we have delivered your fresh, professionally-designed site.

The fact of the matter is that the best websites are continually evolving to appeal to their target users in new ways. We'll build you a website that'll stand on firm ground at launch and be easily modified as your business and online experience expectations evolve.

We believe you should have the power to update your site as necessary after we've handed it off to you. There is no coding required for you which means you're not dependent on a developer, forever.

We understand that there are businesses out there that require such but the truth is that the vast majority do not.

Is WIX the best website solution for your online display and engagement?

Reach out to us to chat about it!





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