When You've Fallen A Few Rungs

It happens. To all of us. Repeatedly. Throughout life, business, love, yah?

It's been a much calmer few years over in the Lovage Inc. world. Here are some thoughts on dealing with let downs and disappointments.

First - it's cool to accept a crap day. Life has edge and sometimes we go down. If things were good all the time, we wouldn't even appreciate it because there'd be no bad to measure it against!

Just take your bummer time knowing the state isn't permanent. It's okay to acknowledge a yuck time and feel the weight of that, sometimes. But we want to get back up, don't we? And, of course, we can.

I have Lovage books filled with handwritten quotes, ideas, and lessons that gathered from all the places I look for insight. When something really clicks, it goes into the book. Something said in a documentary. A note from a magazine article. An idea imparted in an autobiography or business theory book. These quotes are often the inspiration for LOVAGE LIVES! on live facebook videos.

In addition to waking up to a new day, getting active, meditation and making a choice to not be bummed... when shiz has hit the floor, looking through pages of these books helps to refill the coffers.

Here are a few quotes which help pull up the bootstraps, crawl from the horizontal position and get back to a motivated, positive outlook.

"Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction."


"...yesterday really did end last night."

- ZIG ZIGLAR in 'Over The Top'

"While I'm alive, I'll feel alive..."

- YONI WOLF of WHY? in 'Brook and Waxing' (song)

"Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things are."

- MARIANNE WILLIAMSON in 'A Woman's Worth'

"Success is a journey, not a destination."

- UNKNOWN (attributed to several)

Maybe starting a list of your own, to consult when needed, is worthwhile? 🌿


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