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Website Menu Navigation Best Practices For 2021



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You know that feeling... Standing in the detergent or cereal aisle at a big box grocery store frozen with indecision because there are just too many dang choices?! And so many similar ones, at that? Analysis Paralysis.

This is the feeling you want to AVOID giving your website visitors.

Lead them. Navigating your website via a brief top menu offers obvious, quick choice.

Even enterprise e-commerce (Amazon, Target, etc) websites offer only a few, basic dropdown options via minimal top menu options catering to the CORE top paths a visitor is most likely to take.

Sure, you may offer ten variations or a niche product that a few people will be interested in but let those things be deeper down a path.

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Website Menu, in 2021, is KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Don't guess - look at the data. Grab your analytics from the past year and see what pages people navigate to and spend the most time on. If you have data on conversions - pay especially close attention to the page navigation path which leads to those.

Based on that data, your menu options should only include the top-visited pages. Then from THOSE pages, further navigate to specifics, more detail, etc.

Don't have analytics or data? Your most attractive website pages are likely Services, Portfolio, and Team/About. Whatever you may call those, in your world.

Why have a honed navigation menu on your website in 2021?

1. You are controlling your visitors's journey
2. Attention spans are at an all time low
3. Visitors will bounce if easily lost or frustrated

It's that simple. Creating purposeful paths will provide allure, education, and (most importantly!) encourage visitors to take a next step with you.

A website visitor who is confused by too many menu options - one who gets lost or frustrated on your business website will not only stall sales, it will also create positive association and loss of momentum for your brand.

A website with a strategically-designed menu offers intuitive navigation and an easy customer experience!

For most business websites, visitors are going to click around, very quickly, strictly to:

  1. LOCATION be sure they are in the right place

  2. EXPERTISE affirm your business knows what it's doing

  3. SERVICES understand how your offerings can help them, specifically

  4. CONNECT with you

The above 4 goals should be considered for your focused navigation path when deciding what will be in your top website menu for simple navigation on your website in 2021.

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