Tips For a Good Website

Lovage Inc. CEO Stephanie M. Casey had a chat with Cheddar News from the historic floor of The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in September of 2019. The group chatted on how to make your best impression online, what makes a good website, and why WIX is the best website builder.

Watch the 4-minute full video or just scan for a couple excerpts, below!

Quick tips from the interview on how to make a good website:

• "We’re living in a very 'short attention span theater' world right now."

Give people exactly what they want when they visit your website and give it to them quickly.

"Be really smart about how you label all the elements on your site."

Most people miss even the basics of SEO. File names, tooltips, refined site copy.

"Good engineering is not when there's nothing else left to add, but when there's nothing else to take away."

Hone, hone, hone. Keep is SUPER simple. Refined elegance takes time and know-how.

Stephanie M. Casey gives website tips from the floor of the at The New York Stock Exchange.
Lovage Inc. CEO talks creating a lasting impression through your website with Cheddar News.



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