• Lovage Inc.

Stern ESG Business Conference MARCH 5 2020

View From A Conference Room at NYU's Stern School of Business overlooking Washington Square Park in New York City

Business Leaders Gather To Discuss:

Environment, Sustainability, and Governance

Ohhhh in-person networking and learning.

My last gulp was during the very first few days of March at NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business's ESG Conference. 

I'm very interested in serving companies working to make things better and this was a room full of heavy hitters - Harvard Business ReviewBloomberg LPDanoneThe Container StoreBeanitosFinancial TimesDeutsche BankHSBC and many others.

The ESG attendees and speakers were inspiring - people, who actually have the size power to make a difference, full of ideas and discussion on ESG standards and program development. Plus, sweet view of Wash Square from the conference room. 

Gorgeous View of Washington Square Park in the Village in NYC (looking north up Manhattan)

I graduated from Tisch (NYU's Art School) but Stern is nice and as, an NYU alumna, has let me attend biz events when I have requested such.

Lovage Inc. Founder, Stephanie M. Casey, wears her Stern Center For Sustainable Business Name Badge

This was the wee days of March. Covid news was just barely creeping in. Stern decided to move forward with the event. We were advised not to shake hands and lunch was changed from a buffet to individual packaging. There were no masks or hand sanitizing, yet. No precautions at airports, in buildings, or with distancing, yet. Just murmurs of a virus making its way across the world.

Conference Room During the 2020 Stern School of Sustainable Business ESG Forum

Then... I flew back to Dallas and a week later, the shut down kicked in. Grateful for this last gasp. Will always be a special one.