• Lovage Inc.

"Repetitive Notes"

A Covid-Era Art Project

Repetitive Notes Cover Artwork - a gathering of Artists expressing their pandemic feelings November 2020

Stretching Creative Experience, Online

Repetitive Notes is an artist collaboration which Lovage Founder, Stephanie M. Casey, put together November 2020.

The "art gallery" website offers 6 artists' commentaries on the emotions and moods living through (at time of publication) 10 months of Covid-19 in the United States.

The mundane, the repetition, the sameness, the isolation, and the loss of meaningful physical space experience and connection are examples of what is highlighted.

Almost any medium can be used in an artistic way and this website examples creating an interactive experience to engage with artwork.

Especially in this time of stay-at-home orders, creating a space for which the user (aka website visitor) interacts with, while experiencing art, offers a hint of an activity we have not been able to participate in, for nearly a year.

Art. Artists. New Works. Works Reflective of What We Are Going Through, Now.

This is why art exists, why is pours out of us as a communication. Emotions and experience which words alone cannot convey, explicitly. That is the space dance, photography, painting, poetry, sculpture, fashion, and other art forms fill.

Artists and Mediums Featured In "Repetitive Notes" Include:


  • EMMA KENNY illustration

  • KERI OLDHAM watercolor and sketches

  • LAUREN GRAY mixed media painting

  • STEPHANIE M. CASEY poetry & website

  • STEVEN VISNEAU photography

View and interact with all the Repetitive Notes artworks at repetitivenotes.com.