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New York Times Wirecutter Recommends Wix as Top Website Builder

The New York Times' Wirecutter - a product recommendation service based on comprehensive testing - again chose Wix as their preferred platform in a report published August 2021.

Based on the flexibility of the platform for users and advanced designers as well as Wix's excellent SEO plus additional built-in business tools - The New York Times' Wirecutter gave Wix their top recommendation spot.

Screenshot of NYTimes Wirecutter website page with the article and a photo of a laptop and some office supplies in a cup holder.

Lovage chooses to build our customer websites on the Wix platform for the same reasons:

• ADVANCED DESIGN & UX we can get as tech-y and code-y as we like...

• FRIENDLY USER INTERFACE ...while you are able to manage your site, in-house

• ROBUST SUITE OF TOOLS marketing, analytics, seo, automations, extensive libraries

• CUSTOMER SERVICE our firm has direct access to Wix tech and development

• EVOLUTION constant new features and upgrades

With a Lovage-built, Wix website, we are able to offer you a gorgeous, modern, custom website which you may easily make surface changes to, in-house.

Lovage website designers and developers are able to get detailed with our custom website design and even background code, as needed, yet the interface for you, our customer, allows for simple upkeep and updates.

Go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief.

Your business website does not need to be a huge headache on a difficult platform, to be successful.

Schedule a Lovage Website Chat with us, today, to learn more about our 30-Day Custom Websites for Established, Growing Businesses.