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"2022 Website and Marketing Trend Predictions" Daily Ad Brief Interview

Each week on “Marketing Champions,” host, Howard Wolpoff, talks to media experts across the country. Lovage was honored to have our founder, Stephanie M. Casey, appear to discuss website trends and what the situation usually looks when a company reaches out to Lovage for help.

Interview Frames with Host (Howard Wolpoff) and Guest (Stephanie M. Casey) on DAILYBRIEF.COM

"What kind of conversations are you having with these companies who obviously have a challenged website that needs quick fix and repair?"

“Oftentimes, a new leader has come in - a new COO, someone in marketing or sales who has been charged with building a new division or hiring new talent and the website is just embarrassing - it is outdated, it doesn't look current or like they are experts in their field."

As Stephanie mentions in this interview, it used to be advised that dumping tons of information and piles of content was the way to display "proof of expertise."

However... no one reads on screens in 2022, they scan.

Therefore, it is vital for your business website to communicate talking points in a scannable fashion.

Headers. Subheaders. Purposeful Blurbs. Obvious Navigation.

Watch the full Lovage Daily Ad Brief interview.


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