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Website Desktop Responsiveness + Lovage 4.0

Time to Level Up! Below, learn about where Lovage Website Design and Development is going in 2022 and how this will impact your business's website design.

Watch the video above for a visual representation of this new, higher level work we are jumping into, for you!

In a few years, once all major platforms have adjusted for complete desktop responsiveness, we believe websites without such will feel like "old tech."

Custom Desktop (and tablet) (and mobile) is intricate, very detailed work which must be completed by experts. We are talking every element on your website custom designed to move within a space as it shifts.

This is complex, time consuming and, of course, additional work to designing every space, element, interaction, function, and connection on a website.

In order to maintain the integrity of design, function, SEO and Google Indexing Stability - Lovage will no longer be handing off sites for clients to manage completely on their own.

Instead, you will be able to update certain spaces via databases in your backend such as your Team Members or Services. But you will not have access to the editor - it is simply too complex across multiple spaces!


  • WEBFLOW An Alternative Platform We Love For Super Slick Design and Scroll Flow

  • EDITOR X Wix's Advanced Platform

  • WIX DASHBOARD EditorX Retains The User-Friendly Dashboard You Know

  • CUSTOM DESKTOP RESPONSIVENESS All Future Lovage Site Builds Will Include

  • PRO-LEVEL The New Fully Responsive Sites Will Be Maintained by LOV

  • DATABASES You Will Still Have Access To Update Key Areas via Databases

  • YOU MAY NOT ACCESS THE EDITOR Too Complex, in Multiple Spaces!

  • PRODUCTION SCHEDULE Will Still Be Defined and Transparent

  • COOKIE BANNER and PRIVACY POLICY Will Be Required on All Sites


  1. $25k 5-Page Brochure Style Websites will start at $25k with development time of 3 - 6 Months for Basic, Starter Development. Higher Level, Advanced Interaction Design (see video) will start at $50k and take more like 6-8 months.

  2. $10k Single-Page Brochure Style Websites will start at $10k and take 2 - 3 Months. Single Page Designs May Have Additional Dynamic Spaces.

  3. ADDITIONAL PAGES, SPACES, FEATURES, and FUNCTIONS Will be added on to budget and timeline.

  4. MONTHLY RETAINER A monthly retainer will be in place for management of Google Indexing, Platform Hosting, and Periodic Design Refinement. A website is a living thing and design evolves! It is also important to keep up with Google Indexing and how that data connects to the SEO Settings Relevance on your website.

  5. EDITORX vs WEBFLOW Lovage will continue to serve our Wix-appreciating customers on Wix Classic and New or Moved builds on Wix's EditorX. Webflow will be encouraged for those willing to leap into the new. It is faster and slicker (and a considerably higher budget investment!).


We are grateful for all of our past clients and it has been a pleasure to serve all. Going forward we are going to take on select clientele who align with our core values as humans.

Lovage Will Be Partnering With Companies Who Aim For Positive Impact.

The Lovage Team believes in inclusion, moving forward, freedom, and efforts which support evolvement, learning, joy, diversity, healing, health, and access to resources. Examples of this include:

  • New Tech

  • Eco Efforts

  • Art Creation & Access

  • ESG-Focused Business Operations and Evolvement

  • Improvement to Traditional Systems or Products

  • Serving or Representing The Underserved or Under-Represented

Let's Make It Better! #GetSomeLovage