How To Win Friends and Influence People

Don't be turned off by the title of this book!! "How To Win Friends and Influence People," is a classic "being a better person" book. I re-read it again and again. For reminders. On basic principals of being decent and good. And how to lead and inspire.

If you are on a path to enrichment, in general, this is a must have. Buy a copy. Underline things. Re-read it when you find yourself slipping into less-desireable personality habits.

Sections of the book are broken into brief chapters - it's an easy one to get through.

Below, a few of the main themes Dale addresses.

Topics include...

• Basics in dealing with people.

• How to be more attractive as a friend, boss or comrade of any form.

• Better ways to put forth your point of view or opinion which inspires agreement, rather than forcing others to obey.

• Leadership techniques (from a kind, rational, inspirational angle)

Lead by Example. Onward.


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