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The 3 Ways High-Tech Companies Can Boost Biz With Their Website

Your company is innovative, edgy - you offer revolutionary solutions on the cusp of big change. You make the world a better place. Your team is composed of creative groundbreakers.

Innovators in Biotech, AI, Solar Energy, Eco, and Green Tech can benefit from the 3 website essentials for high-tech companies, outlined below.

TISSUEGEN Biomedical Tech | Site by LOV


A dated website gives a static impression.

You've got momentum, inspiration, energy.

You are doing great work, getting better every quarter, growing.

Dated and Static is the opposite of what you want, right?

But, when an investor hits your website it feels like...


But You Want Them To Feel: Ooooh Yeah!

What you want is a clean, "as good as (or better than!) competitors" experience that is current and as inspiring as the work you do.

iMEDIS Radiology AI | Site by LOV


Don't Be Embarrassed By Your Website.

Your website is the first place most will look to find out who you are and what you do. At an incubator or any type of industry mingle - when somebody notes the name of your company - they are going to google it.

What comes up? A website you make excuses about?

Must you give a disclaimer in the vein of "it needs to be updated... we have new staff, focus, tech, now."

New CEO Ashamed To Do PR That Directs To Your Website?

This is a real example of a past Lovage client's problem and a clear indicator it is time to invest in your website as an effective marketing tool.

For... Press. Peers. Talent.

Show Off What You've Got, Properly.

BREATHEIN Air Tech | Site by LOV


Because You Are.

Digital space is an innovative space - just like the one you work in. There are no rules as to how unique you can present.

Well, there are some rules - the basics being clear communication and navigation. But, that's it. It's boring and forgettable to look the same as your peers.

What makes you special? What makes your work special? How are you changing your industry? What are your new ideas and solutions? Are they laid out, plainly and impressively on your website?

First impressions count but last impressions last.

Stand Out Online The Way You Want Your Company To Be A Standout In The Business World.

Lovage Offers Fast, Custom 30-Day Websites for Biotech, Eco Tech, Fintech, AI, and other Innovative Technology Firms.

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