FIELD GUIDE: Dallas / The Cedars

The Cedars neighborhood in Dallas is about to have a major moment. An up-and-coming area with a rich Dallas history, development is rampant (hello blocks of condos). You may also know the area as "where the Ambassador Hotel recently burned down (sad face)."


• Stanley Marcus was born in the Cedars

• Originally, had a predominantly Jewish population

• Dallas Heritage Village (formerly Old City Park) is the site of Dallas's first City Park (1876)

We love the area.

Call us biased - it's home of the Lovage flagship office.

Here are some of our favorite spots and other useful services in the Cedars...


Monica's Mex-Tex Cantina

1326 South Lamar Street

Dallas, TX 75215

Terrific food at very reasonable prices and some of the best chips around. In the space which formerly housed Cedars Social - Monica's serves dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. It's also more than worth it to pop in on Sunday to give the brunch a shot.

Sandwich Hag

1902 South Lamar Street

Dallas, TX 75215

No frills. Just the best banh mi you'll find in town. Don't @ us. 😤

This little magazine thinks so, too.

P.S. Don't sleep on the curry just 'cause the banh mi is amazing.

Lee Harvey's

1807 Gould Street

Dallas, TX 75215

While we're making bold claims... we'll go ahead and throw down the gauntlet, again: Best Onion Rings in Dallas. But, really, the whole menu is delicious. Fish tacos, veggie sammy, some great salads, and (as many claim) a "Best of Dallas" burger. Don't skip this spot in the area for a weekday work lunch or lunch meeting spot. The food is 👍🏼👍🏾👍🏻👍🏿.

PRO TIP: Dogs are always welcome outside but on Sundays, they close the gates and the dogs take over! Lee Harvey's also frequently features live music and DJs.

PRO TIP: Amazing happy hour deals and there is also a daily deal, for example $1 taco Mondays!

Mike's Gemini Twin

mike's gemini twin's facebook

1906 South Harwood Street

Dallas, TX 75215

With the recent addition of Mike's Gemini Twin, the category of "dive bar with character" is covered in our neck of the woods.

Get here... Before the word gets out! Oh wait... Who cares?! Still get here!

An after-work hotspot for those who know...

Full City Rooster Coffee

1906 South Harwood Street

Dallas, TX 75215

These guys are in walking distance. They know us by name. We know them by name. It's pretty cute.

Oh yeah, and they roast their own.

Dallas coffee lovers already know. Grab a Cortado they'll brew for you there or a bag of beans to take home. Full City's coffee is the good good.

Opening Bell Coffee

1409 South Lamar Street

Dallas, TX 75215

This comfy little coffee shop has the vibe of a 90s WB television series. And we're not complaining.

If you're in the mood for live music they like to keep it booked most days and host an open mic every Tuesday.

Four Corners Brewery

1311 South Ervay Street

Dallas, TX 75215

Originally located alllll the way over in Trinity Groves, Four Corners opened their 18,000-square-foot production facility and 10,000-square-foot taproom in The Cedars in 2018. They hold their own events sometimes and you can also find cool kids like Decent Collective doing pop ups in the space.

Literally just down the street from us. Ervay Street, that is.


Ro2 Art

1501 South Ervay Street

Dallas, Texas 75215

One of Dallas' most popular galleries is located just a stone's throw from Lovage HQ.

Ro2 Art represents a diverse group of emerging, mid-career, and established contemporary artists from the North Texas Region and beyond.


1503 South Ervay Street 

Dallas, TX 75215

The MAC has been a staple Dallas art space since first opening on McKinney Avenue, in 1994.

This non-profit arts organization supports every type of artist: emerging, established, local, regional and international.

Cedars Open Studios

Keep an eye out for the annual (every November) Cedars Open Studios tour! Artists and craftsman open up their workspaces to show their work. The artist tour is a fun way to peek around the Cedars neighborhood in Dallas and get your bearings.

The Bowler Hat

The Giant Bowler Hat of Dallas was originally intended for perch on the roof of a British furniture store. But the city wasn't having it (dimensions beyond code!) ... womp womp...

To be honest, we enjoy the absurdity of a giant bowler hat sitting in the middle of a grassy lot. You can spy this hat as you cross into the Cedars from downtown Dallas.


Gilley's Dallas

(plus Southside Ballroom, Southside Music Hall, The Loft and other rooms / venues inside)

1135 South Lamar Street

Dallas, TX 75215

We don't really have to tell you about this spot. If you enjoy live music and have lived in Dallas for any length of time you've been to one of the venues at Gilley's.

If not, check their calendar, find an act you'd like to see. It won't be hard.

Alamo Drafthouse Cedars

1005 South Lamar Street

Dallas, TX 75215

Okay, okay listen: We know it's a chain. But take a look at all the speciality screenings and programs and you'll realize that whoever is in charge over here clearly cares. This Cedars location was Alamo's first in Dallas. They're all over the map, now.



1407 South Akard Street 

Dallas, TX 75215

Dog lovers of Dallas, rejoice! The Pawliday-Inn is your pup's new favorite home away from home. Whether you're looking for a place to take your dog while you're on a trip or just during the workday, Pawliday-Inn has you covered.

There's even chauffeur and grooming services if the dog is feeling a little extra. 🐶💅

Goodwork Dallas

1808 South Good Latimer Expressway

Dallas, TX 75226

Co-working spaces... As our work and career patterns are changing en masse - they're all the rage and, right now, they're EVERYWHERE!

Which makes it all the more impressive that Goodwork finds a way to set itself apart by prioritizing health and sustainability. If you're looking to shake up that "work/life balance," you need to look these guys up. The interior is a gorgeous, converted historical building renovated to keep as many of the original and (from-the-area) materials intact.

Plus, pups are allowed! #dogfriendly for the win.

Grey Gardens

grey gardens instagram

1900 South Harwood

Dallas, TX 75215

Get your stylish floral on in this beautiful shop! Bryan Long's "farm-to-vase collections" are in demand for events, business spaces and homes. Custom, thoughtful arrangements - "uniquely personal designs."

That should get you started with your Cedars Neighborhood exploration of Dallas. In the near future, this list will likely double. Come visit while there's still some indie neighborhood charm. Feel free to start by saying hi to us at the Lovage loft - we love visitors!

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