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Do I Need A Good Website?

The Value of Your Online Real Estate + Content


What is your website? What purpose does your website serve?

It's your digital storefront.

Your website is your online business card.

A modern, accurate website which reflects your offerings in their best light gives customers or clients confidence that your business is potentially worthy of their time and money.

So, do you need a good website?

Here are 5 reasons why it is vital to appear relevant, trustworthy, and professional...


Our CEO likes to tell the story of when she bought her most recent house in Texas. The seller pays for a year of home warranty and her real estate agent gave her half a dozen company links in order to choose a provider. It's likely they all offered pretty much the exact same thing. Which did she choose? The one whose website didn't look like it was created 20 years ago and hadn't been touched since. Why? The design of the company she chose was current and fresh - it looked alive, like an active, modern company.

TRUST based on a website experience is formed by look & feel (creative), ease of navigation (engineered experience), clear and easy-to-understand messaging (content audit).


Your website design goal is to have visitors take a next step with you. This can mean many things based on your current needs and those needs will likely always be shifting in priority! It may be that you are overwhelmed with business and need to appeal to top talent. Or, perhaps you are offering a new product line and want to drive devoted customers to look at the new stuff. Maybe you need your common product to stand out from other choices of companies (see home warranty example above!).

ENTICEMENT comes in the form of imagery, copy, and navigation working as a team to instill a WANT in your website visitor. They want to be a part of this, share in the good good.


Ah, the ol' virtual to human conduit. What is that next step you'd like site visitors to take? Make it easy on them! Your offerings and how to get in contact with you should be obvious and easy to find. Connection goals might include things such as having people sign up for a newsletter, have a potential customer call you, complete a purchase, read your blog, or fill out an inquiry form.

CONNECTION This aspect of your site is VITAL. Confusing, multi-step, incorrect, or absent connection information will very quickly frustrate a visitor and they may move on to another option. It's all about: current, relevant, and accurate (with ease).


A well-designed and thoughtfully developed website is on the job 24/7. Screening potential customers, collecting client information and contact info, automating initial contact, selling what you've got to sell. It's always open and always responsive.

ROBOT EMPLOYEE Deploy the bots! Setting up your website to do work for you is the whole idea, right? Always selling. Always answering questions with its svelte messaging. Always there if someone should be looking...


Let's face it - we all want to grab that drive-by attention. As even the most established and global brands continue to abandon brick & mortar locations, the online space is truly the spot for endless people to "drive by" your business. A great website is as branded as a storefront window display and outdoor signage would be. The expense will be about the same, as well, for quality display. You want quality that not only customers are attracted to but you and your employees are proud to send their favorite people to, as well, "I work here!"

CURB APPEAL We're talking about artists and engineers working together to create visual display which makes you stop and come on in. Tech, design, copywriting, branding.

Ready to grab and hold attention with a modern, custom website ?

Let's do this...


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