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How Website Design Firm, Lovage Inc., approached building a new, custom website for San Diego-based Data Strategy Firm, Purseia.


"We Work With Data" communicates very little!

Most people who would benefit from hiring them have no idea what a data specialist actually does and more specifically, what data knowledge and strategy company can do for them.

Clarity Of Your Data Capabilities and Services Is Essential

We worked with our client on breaking down offerings into just a few, specific categories and describing those data strategy services in plain language.

Your Data Strategy Company has specialities - in services, industries served, etc. Those should be highlighted, with simplicity describing how you can solve potential clients' problems and help their business blossom.

"The fresh start was a new look and feel but it was also a way of thinking about my business that your team helped me through... people really understand what we do now. It brought a lot more structure to my organization... now I am taking (the work you did) into my other presentation materials." - DUNCAN HOULDSWORTH, Owner PURSEIA


Examples of How Purseia's Data Work Has Helped Their Clients

This was important for further communication about EXACTLY what the data firm offers - clear, explicit examples of specific data strategy solutions.

We worked with our client to start gathering detailed case studies, at the very beginning of his custom data strategy website design build.

Data Strategy Company Website by Website Design Firm Lovage Inc


The Answers To All The Questions

Again, to stand out from other data firms, we wanted Purseia's offerings and benefits to be easily accessible.

Pictured above is one section of the Services Page where each service has a thorough FAQ dropdown area.

Pre-Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Your Services Qualifies Your Leads While Sharing Your Expertise.


Good Data is Cutting Edge.

Purseia does edgy, next-level data science work. The brand already had a "tapped into powerful nature" thing going so we built on that.

Stunning imagery of natural, strong elements.

Contrasting reds which play nice together.

Strength, knowledge, power, nature.

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