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Custom Shopping Software for Army Navy Warehouse

Army Navy Warehouse in Grand Prarie is the largest Army Navy store in Texas

Custom Dog Tags and Name Tapes, Online!

Army Navy Warehouse, based in Grand Prairie, Texas, came to Lovage wanting to upgrade their website experience in an effort to move buyers from with their longtime ebay vintage army navy shop to their own website. They were also eager to offer something unique to their general Army Navy Store shoppers.

We started this project with a strategy session to hone in on PHASE 1 goals for updates...

  1. FRESH, MODERN DESIGN for their Home Page and the New-Product Pages

  2. CUSTOM DEVELOPED SOFTWARE offering a complete, online experience for ordering Customized Military Dog Tags and Custom US Military Name Tape.

CUSTOM DOG TAGS - tag, silencer, chain

Custom Military Dog Tags Online Ordering at Army Navy Warehouse


There is little competition in the online space here and the best competitor does not display the color options. Not only did we create code which displays the various colors available for the dog tags, dog tag silencers, and dog tag chains - the shopper can see combinations of choices LIVE as they click through the options.

There is also custom tech allowing the dog tag text to preview, live, as the shopper creates their custom dog tags.

WHY IT IS WONDERFUL: The Custom Dog Tag is able to be completely reviewed by the shopper, with the variations they have chosen, before they place their order.

Not only are they fun to create, the buyer knows EXACTLY what they are getting.

This does not exist anywhere else on the internet, currently.

Create and Purchase custom dog tags: armynavywarehouse.com/dogtags

CUSTOM NAME TAPES - fabric tape, lettering, velcro

Custom Military Name Tapes - Order Online


We also helped build a customizable online Military Name Tape Shopping Experience.

Photographing all the Name Tape Fabrics, for clear Name Tape Fabric Choice, means no guessing for the shopper.

The buyer can clearly see a preview of what their color combo choices will look like.

Create Customized Military Name Tapes: armynavywarehouse.com/nametapes

These new features and style updates serve several purposes for Army Navy Warehouse.

  1. Driving vintage military gear customers to their website instead of Ebay.

  2. Army Navy Warehouse will become THE website for instant, visual custom ordering of Dog Tags and Name Tapes.

  3. The Tags & Tapes are a very common, affordable item so the new custom ordering offering will bring the store new customers to market to. This is a simple starting point product to establish a relationship with customers interested in authentic military memorabilia products.

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