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4 Ways Netflix Reality Productions Rule The School!

THANK YOU Netflix for once again revolutionizing a media mainstay situation!!

Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, T.I., and winner D Smoke

Lovage loves the reality-show production styling Netflix has been rolling out. Several of their reality shows have key differences from the "usual" production cadence, tactics, and storytelling brought to us by the big networks (nbc, cbs, fox, mtv, etc) since the dawn of reality tv.

In short, we are looking at Netflix reality-tv shows leaning towards:

• ARTISTRY in production
• RICH CONTENT (not half recap clips)

Alexa Chung and Tan France host Next in Fashion


The basic model, from the dawn of the reality genre, was: gossip, judgement, throwing shade, manipulative or embarrassing challenges, and backstabbing. Netflix has allowed producers to create a competition without all that aggression and emotional combat. It's still just as fun but encouraging and growing, instead.

On the "search for a new hiphop star" contest show RHYTHM & FLOW - the judges praise what a contestant has done right before letting them know what they did not so right. The contestants are very supportive of each other - working on their OWN talents rather than trying to take their opponents down.

Dating show DATING AROUND doesn't include confessional testimonials with daters tearing down, insulting, or judging, in detail, their datees. Instead, the storytelling relays the personalities.

There are so many communal "support and love" weepy moments during the first season of NEXT IN FASHION, it's hard not to be as emotionally involved as everyone on screen! Even down to the very final one-on-one competition, the two remaining contestants give each other advice, help, and support.

contestants are diverse on Next in Fashion


Netflix turned Hollywood on its head, in this department, and continues to do so. The network quickly proved that there is a (huge) market for leads and stories that are not centered on white men.

On these Netflix reality shows you will find contestants from every background, race, sexuality, nationality, gender, size, shape, and color. #GONETFLIX

Next in Fashion features an incredibly refreshing diverse array of folks. And the amount of female talent presented on Rhythm & Flow is nothing short of groundbreaking (for music, for tv, for hip hop).

Then... in 2020... Netflix dropped these gems in our laps: Indian Matchmaking (arranged marriages meshed with a seasoned, international Indian Matchmaker), Deaf U (Gallaudet Students navigate life with their deaf peers, relationships, and abilities / challenges), and Love On The Spectrum (ack! love this so much - autism spectrum dating. which is the same as non-autism dating but they can only be brutally honest and real which is just so touching and informative for ANYONE in the dating world).

Contestants from Rhythm & Flow
Angel and Munji make a friendly, loving team on Next in Fashion
"Dating Around" gay couple on Netflix show


Another department in which Netflix has changed the game in much of their programming, including reality.

Netflix reality show productions echo what we are used to seeing but get to go further with creative customization via lighting, editing, graphics, and set dressing.

Dating Around, their "go on dates with a few people and select one you like" show, is lit and shot like a narrative film with lovely dark, smooth tones which is NOTHING like the bright, in-your-face, reality show production styling we have been inundated with over the years. The show's cinematography is elegant and sexy.

Dating Around Netflix Show
Dating Around featured daters features all genders and varied sexual preferences
Dating Around has beautiful, sexy cinematography


Oh, gosh! The model for reality tv editing has been to run a selection of quick-cut recap clips before and after every commercial or content break . Which means you are watching the same footage, again and again and again. In the day and age of streaming, that editorial model is outdated (and exhausting). What an A+ improvement in the viewing experience! Thanks, Netflix.

Several on the Lovage roster of talent have a background in film and tv which is why such things catch our attention! Storytelling is what makes any form of media most enjoyable to humans whether it be reality shows, Oscar-worthy films, a song you can't shake, or your kick ass website. xx





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