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4 Essential Tips For Wealth Management & Capital Investment Firm Website Design

You manage private wealth for ultra high net worth individuals.

Your clients and customers are used to an exquisite standard of quality.

Your Wealth Management Website Needs To Readily Communicate Your Establishment, Expertise, and Trustworthiness - AT FIRST GLANCE

Below are 4 tactics to employ on your wealth management firm's website to meet your customer at their high-end experience expectation.


This immediately sets the tone.

Your visuals should recall the lifestyle and quality standards of your clientele.

This means lush, pro, curated visuals

Compositions. Moods. Artful Choices.

We do NOT want typical stock photography, here.

We DO want gorgeous, hand-picked imagery (stock or custom shot).

We do NOT want facebook selfies as your team photos.

We DO want consistently photographed, framed, and potentially treated* photos.

* sometimes we will apply a custom look / effect to all photos for cohesion


Clean, Refined, Crisp, Purposeful.

Beautiful, "perfect" design or engineering is not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away.

Complementary fonts, formatting of those fonts, dividers, decorative artwork, animations of elements, the use of negative space... all details must be honed and aligned for simplicity, cohesion, and that "just right" balance and feeling.

This is designer territory and offers visual calm which translates to security for the viewer.

Refined Design Elicits A Feeling Of Safety i.e. The Product and/or People Are Trustworthy and Reliable

Don't mess around on this one - design work which feels "simple" or "basic" while also seeming pro and luxurious has been created and honed by experienced professionals.


Exactly Who You Serve and How.

Luxury, Stylish Website Design for Private Equity

Don't waste your website visitors' time.

Be explicit about your offering(s) and who they are for.

And, frankly, don't waste your time by fielding inquiries from improper connections.

Clearly stating the type of products and services you offer will do some of your sales filtering for you.

It is likely your website serves as backup sales asset for referrals: If a business colleague or friend tells your potential client about you - your website is likely the first place they will look to learn more.

Does your wealth management website back up what they have been told? Does the website content confirm your private equity firm's offerings? Stature? Will your prospective client gain more respect and trust for your business, team, and services by visiting your website?

Your Website Should Solidify Your Reputation


Name Dropping.

Art Basel Moncler Party 2012 Photo by Katie Orlinsky for The New York Times
Art Basel Moncler Party 2012 | Photo by Katie Orlinsky for The New York Times

Let's just call it what it is.

As your website visitors (quickly) scroll and click around - viewing logos, "CEO," "Founder," familiar names, brands, and places which align with their life, business, and needs makes their brain go... "Check. Check. Check!" building confidence in your wealth firm.

Here's a trusty modern tidbit - people do not read online, they scan.

Eyeballs bounce around in a "Z" formation as we scroll. Looking for clues if they are in the correct place and where to travel to, next.

Your website is a place to display how your brand, company, and team are unique. How you have a style, a vibe - that you are a worthwhile and productive partner, in wealth building.

You can throw a bunch of stuff on your website and hope your visitors get what you are about or you can control the experience and journey. What do you want to do?

Lovage Offers Stylish Custom Websites For Wealth Management, Cpaital Investment, and Private Equity Firms, in just 30 (Business) Days.

More On The Process HERE.

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