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3 Hot Tips To Video Chat Your Best!

Zoom. Google Meet. Video Conferencing of All Sorts.

They Are Here To Stay, Friends.

So, let's do it well. Here are 3 Basic Video Chat "Best Practice" Tips And Recommendations.


Just grab a ring light. $40 on Amazon.

This makes a big difference. Why? So we can see your face.

Just order one. Easy to set up and use.

Lights! Camera! Action!

See... lights come first (hah!)

This is the one we like. We have no affiliate marketing. It's just the one we researched and have liked using!

Recommended Ring Light for Zoom Meetings


The camera is on. The mic is rolling. You're on!

You can see yourself. Others can see you.

Look engaged and stay present. If you feel yourself waning, remind yourself to smile or at the bare minimum look pleasant.

Pretend You Are There In Person...

... With your facial expressions, posture, and engagement.


Yes, it matters. Yes, you are being evaluated.

Again, WFH (work from home) isn't going away. Therefore, video chat isn't going away. Even if Corona Virus gets completely managed, business relations have been changed forever.

Go ahead and take a little time here. Put it on a workday to-do list.

Clean up your background. Buy a fake plant or two. Get some art behind you. Mess with the lighting.

Rearrange where you sit so natural light hits your face instead of being behind you (light blasting behind you makes you glow like a spiritual guru or appear like a shadowy, anonymous interview subject).

No hanging power cords, no piles of household junk.

You can probably work with things you already have in your house. Just make it tidy and nice to look at.

If you are at a total loss here, text someone you know who has style and ask them if they will do a facetime with you to help you with some ideas! Hooray for human connection and collaboration.

First Impressions Count. Last Impressions Last.

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