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#2022Ready: Limited-Time Lovage Promo Through DEC 31

Do you want to be ready, once the new year begins, with fresh promotion for your company to share with current and prospective clients?

Want better SEO results in 2022?

If your business presented as more established, influential, and relevant online - would that improve your success locking in sales and talent?

We can help you get there!

For both new and established Lovage Website Clients...

Don't Miss Our Limited-Time Blog Add-On End-of-Year Special!

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30-Day Custom Business Website + Complimentary Blog Build

Lock in your new Lovage Inc. website design, by DECEMBER 31, 2021, and we will include a complimentary blog build with a 1-hour content marketing lesson, tailored specifically to your business ($1000 value).

Why is a Blog Valuable?

A blog is a "free" marketing space.

It allows you to present articles showcasing your expertise, connections, establishment, knowledge, and also attracts the google bots with backup to your main website's offering(s).

Our friend Jordan Behan, owner of Narrate Creative, has thoughts on this:

3 Reasons Why Every Company Should Embrace Content Marketing

Laptop in window with green forest behind it. On the laptop screen it says, "2022 Ready"


You Wanted A Blog But Weren't Ready... Let's Get Your Blog Set Up!

Now is the time!

We are offering you two ways to get the Holiday Lovage Special.

  1. REFER a client to us - if they lock in by DEC 31, you will ALSO get a Complimentary Blog Build + Content Marketing Lesson!

  2. HALF-PRICE discount - grab your Blog Build + Lesson for just $500!

Included in Lovage Blog Build:

  • BLOG MAIN PAGE custom design

  • BLOG POST PAGE custom design

  • BLOG FEED on SITE PAGE (as applicable) custom design

  • 1-HOUR CONTENT MARKETING LESSON with as many people from your organization as you would like to attend. We will give you instructions on how to maximize your blog content-wise and technically as well as brainstorm ideas with you so you have a defined list of articles to write. We'll cover various types of blog structure approaches and strategies to get more eyeballs on your content.

Current Lovage Clients, please email us at hello (at) lovageinc.com!