There's Something in the Water

We made a movie!

What a fun project!

In 2018 Lovage produced "There's Something in the Water," an 8-minute animated documentary, with a client.

So, far, in 2019 the film has played at film festivals around the country including Earth Day Film Festival, Sonoma International Film Festival, Environmental Film Festival at Yale, Thin Line Film Festival (AWARDED "Best Documentary Short"), Pasadena International Film Festival, Dallas International Film Festival, EarthxFilm Festival (AWARDED "Special Recognition for Storytelling"), Manhattan Film Festival, Lighthouse Film Festival with more to be announced!

The short film also received special recognition from the State of Texas in May of 2019!


Our client has held a longtime second-home residency at Caddo Lake (the only natural lake in the state of Texas!). In 2006, the lake's eco-system became threatened by a seemingly unstoppable invasive species of floating fern: Giant Salvinia.

Over the years, residents have witnessed how dramatically the invasion affected the lives of those who live and work on Caddo.

Feeling compelled to share the story of the Giant Salivinia Invasion on Caddo Lake as a warning to all those who want to protect the environments that they love - the filmmaking bug bit!


Lovage chief Stephanie has a background in Hollywood, and our client has also dabbled in filmmaking. They duo set upon a plan to make a short film about the lake's issue.

A variety of production tactics were discussed for the film. Various filmmakers and production companies were brought in as possible collaborators. Ultimately, they decided to bring on London filmmaker, Rory WT, to helm the project.

Stephanie had seen Rory's terrific short, Mr. Madila, at the Dallas International Film Festival several years prior and the director went on her short list of "people I want to work with one day!"

The time came and we flew Rory to Dallas and drove him out to the wilds of East Texas to shoot the film.


Video, photography, and Caddo Lake residents and experts were interviewed over several days.

(Scroll pics above to see them in cartoon version!)

Rory then headed back to England and started putting the movie together. Post-production took about 6 months then this film popped out as a fresh baby, primed for film fest season!


Our client's passion for the lake, Lovage's production expertise, and Rory's above-par storytelling skills created a perfect little storm of a fun & informative film.

We are thrilled with festival programmers' and audience response to There's Something In The Water.

Check if our film is screening at a festival near you at THERESSOMETHINGINTHEWATER.COM!

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