Luniks Entertainment: Case Study

Site Design for a Chicago-based Wedding and Event DJ service

Image 1: landing page for the new and improved

Lovage was approached by owner, Daniel Luna, to redesign their website to reflect what Luniks has grown into and where they plan to apply their focus in the future: namely, upscale weddings and events where they can provide the highest quality entertainment.


Luniks Entertainment provides more than just dance floor entertainment.

Their full list of services includes Wedding Packages, Private Parties, and Corporate Events as well as package upgrades such as Ceremony Services, Custom Monograms, Photo Booth Rental, Spotlighting, Karaoke, Uplighting, Satellite Speaker System, and LED TV Screens.

A roster of 9 diverse DJs, with varied expertise, allows them to book practically any type of event: weddings, quinceañeras, bar mitzvahs, corporate conferences, whatever. They got it!

Design goals

Specific objectives LOV honed in on after our consultations with Daniel:

A) Reorganize the site's navigation for efficiency, clarity, and an effective display of all event services.

B) Place a hierarchy on services offered, keeping weddings as the primary focus while still showcasing Luniks's versatility.

C) Pull away from the neon nightlife themes of his old website and create a more feminine, refined, and playful new site.

A) Efficient Navigation

On the old site's landing page there were a lot of things competing for a user's attention and none were really winning.

Image 2: A shot of Luniks Entertainment's old landing page.

This is what happens when a business's site tries to showcase everything it has offer at once.

There was no single tab focused on services. There were several tabs. Three actually; "Weddings," "Parties and Other Services,"and "Photo Booth."

And beneath those tabs, a bunch of other services were hidden way down the page.

At first glance, someone visiting the old site would have little idea of everything Luniks has to offer.

We had to organize the new site's navigation so visitors could get a sense of all the services offered but also quickly be able find their way to a specific service.

Video 1: Luniks Entertainment's new Services page with submenu.

On the new Services page, the main menu has a single Services tab which reveals a dropdown submenu when you hover.

We consolidated their offerings to fall under one of four categories in the dropdown menu:

- Weddings

- Private Parties

- Corporate Events

- Event Upgrades

When you click one of those categories, the page scrolls down to a brief description of that service.

There is a "Prices & Details" button located beneath each description that links to... you guessed it... a page with the prices and details for that service!

These categories were not pulled and ordered randomly. Which leads us to...

B) Service Hierarchy!

There's a reason the old website had a "Weddings" tab while all the other services were lumped together: Luniks Entertainment's bread and butter is wedding entertainment.

For the moment, they want to keep it that way. It's where they began and it's what they enjoy. However, one of Daniel's business goals is to see an increase in corporate and private events.

Of course, both of these goals were something we had to incorporate into the new site's design, specifically its navigation.

To maintain the focus on booking weddings, we put "Weddings" at the top of both the "Services" tab and "Services" page (refer to video 1 or Check it out here). There are also two large wedding images that span the site's landing page. We think people will get the idea.

Corporate Event Entertainment is a service Luniks has offered for a while but if you look at the menu of the old site, it isn't obvious.

Below is photo of the old site's menu circled for reference.

Image 3: A shot of Luniks Entertainment's old Site menu.

On the old site, users specifically searching for corporate events would have to click the tab vaguely labeled "Parties and Other Services."

They might be less inclined to book a vendor that doesn't specifically have "corporate events" listed as a service. Especially if they did another quick search and found a DJ who did have "corporate events" specifically listed.

We added "Corporate Packages" and "Event Packages" to the "Services" submenu and "Services" page.

Click the gallery below to see how they're shown on our "Services" page.

Gallery 1: Shots of the event entertainment package description. (Click the gallery to view full size images!)

Here's our little secret: the those"prices and details" buttons link to the same page...

View it in the video below or see it yourself.

Video 2: Luniks Entertainment's new Private Event page.

The package details and pricing are the same whether the event is corporate or just a private affair.

Making the path very obvious makes it simple for visitors to get where they need to go.

C) More refined and playful feel to the new site

One quality about the old site that Daniel expressed he wanted to maintain was the energy.

LOV had to find a way to effectively bring energy and excitement to the new site and maintain some order and refinement.

No need to reinvent the wheel. An effective(and popular) way to add energy to webpage is by using parallax. We applied that to the new landing page.

The video below compares the landing page of the old site with new site's landing page.

Video 3: Luniks Entertainment's new landing page.

Daniel Luna was a true pleasure to work with and we're excited to watch Luniks Entertainment grow and flourish!

Like what you saw here? Does your site need some sprucing up? Or maybe you just need a completely new site?

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