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New Year's Resolution : ONE WORD

Here's a novel way to run your resolution this year!

A friend introduced me to this neat concept. A terrific idea which will really help hone in on a focus for something you want to work on as the year rolls over into fresh opportunities. I mean, it's just symbolic but a good time to assess and think about needed change!

So, this friend narrows down a feeling, goal, or transformative property she wants in her life with JUST ONE WORD. And spends quality time finding the right word to embody that change she’d like to see.

Her 2017 word was “input.” Which for her meant being open to information, new notions, “listening” when things or people didn’t fit right or build her up and moving on from those things and people.


Pen-to-paper-style, to help narrow down your focus and lead you to a 2018 Word of the Year...

Grab a piece of paper and pen and answer these three questions :

1) How do you want to feel? Write down some adjectives.

2) What is stopping you from feeling like that?

3) What do you need to quit?

Okay now gaze at your list. What do all your responses have in common? How can they be narrowed down to a common thread or theme? Find your word. Write it on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you often look (in front of the computer? bathroom mirror?).

Say your word out loud. Embrace it.

Have a great year.