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I Wish You Happiness

Recently, I finished reading Tim Ferriss's book, "Tools of Titans." What a tome of testosterone! Not in a negative way - just compared to the rest of the pile of books I've read the past two years...schwew!

Each chapter contains culled interview snippets from a single person - a highly successful athlete, medical practitioner, celebrity, entrepreneur or the like.

There are loads of habits and ideas to note from this book but the one that has stuck with me the most, which I practice on a regular basis is this...

Silently wishing happiness for another person.

Meaning, just THINK, "I wish happiness for you" in another person's direction. It instantly gives you a calm rush of endorphins and sends a positive vibe their way.

You can do this to calm down when someone wrongfully cuts you off in traffic (they are probably having a shitty day, think to them - "I hope you feel better, I hope you feel happy."). Random strangers, the clearly riled up person next to you at yoga, that guy who looks sad at the office today...

This is a completely effortless, zero time or supplies-needed tactic. Which will instantly lift your spirits.

The exact quote from Tim's book goes, "To increase your happiness, all you have to do is randomly wish for somebody else to be happy."

I wish you happiness.