100,000 Beating Hearts

"There is no reason to believe the health of the soil is not connected to the health of the community."

What a terrific short film. And less than 15 minutes, sheesh! An entertaining and informative story of changing for the better of everyone and everything involved.

Will Harris, a 3rd-generation farmer risked turning his industrial, high-producing family farm into a sustainable ecosystem (spoiler : it worked). An ecosystem that not only applies to his farm but his entire community.

This topic is widely covered but, boy! This brief film breaks it down in the simplest way with a genuine guy who saw the advent of toxins introduced to farming in the late 40s, saw what it did to the land and animals and learned there was a better way.

Rotating crops and animals so they work with each other to prevent pests, enrich soil and live a harmonious life. Feeding them naturally, letting them roam and exercise and be free.

"People say you can't feed the world like this but I don't think I'm supposed to feed the world. I think I'm here to feed my family and local community."

Now a provider of a large amount of jobs and food for his community, he marvels that 26 bald eagles have made his farm their home - the largest group in Georgia. And how that is a testament to the healthy ecosystem he has going on.

Mr. Harris proclaims that even if it wasn't his means, he would still want to be doing this work. He loves being on the farm, working it, providing, living amongst the harmonious seasons and cycles.

"Just about everything I see makes me feel good...I think it's healthy for me and my family and my employees and my customers to eat food like that. It's food the way nature intended it to be...I hope I'm not preaching too much, I'm just fucking telling you!"

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