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4 Netflix Docs Offering Super Inspo

There's information everywhere, all the time - everything we need to learn to get where we want to go! Books, podcasts, real-life connections, art, music, schools, film annnnd the good ol' tv. I'm a Netflix junkie (SN: I can't take media with commercials AT ALL anymore, it has to be stream or bust).

Below are 4 of my faves from the past year which make me think and really get the juices flowing.

ABSTRACT // The Art of Design

Ooooh! Every episode is so good. Beautifully filmed doc coverage of very creative design innovators. People who just don't think like everyone else. Who have achieved heading projects where that is appreciated, encouraged and funded. Tinker Hatfield is a long-time groundbreaking shoe designer for Nike and such a great guy. Es Devlin creates stage sets for worldwide theater, art and concert productions working with the likes of Beyonce and top opera houses. Loved her sentiment that now they design pop concerts to be photographed from every angle and every distance for the social media age. That the show has to SURROUND. Badass. PEEP

THE BARKLEY MARATHONS // The Race That Eats Its Young

This doc was recommended to me at the beginning of the year and is a fascinating watch. Esquire just did an article on the race in its August 2017 issue so it's getting some nice 2017 buzz! It's a cool example of doing everything differently with a familiar thing. People apply to be able to run the race and a small group is selected. The course is an extraordinary challenge of mental and physical stamina through a natural environment based on how prisoners who escaped a local prison had to travel and survive their break. Only a handful have ever finished the race. CLICK

HIP-HOP EVOLUTION // birth of a genre

Hip-hop was invented in New York in the late 70s and once it took hold, the music spread like wildfire through boroughs, the region, then the entire country. This is recent history. It's a story of a culture finding a voice. Of battles between opportunists and inventors. People claiming their unique tales and experiences and sharing them with the world emphatically, poetically, with full abandon. Beautiful. YA DON'T STOP

TONY ROBBINS // I Am Not Your Guru

I really thought this guy was a gimmicky "how to get rich quick" speaker until I watched this doc. You go behind-the-scenes and directly into one of his seminars. And, wow. He's a force. An unconventional life coach. Who so many people get hope and fire from. People who not just want to be better but who are looking to overcome some of the most wretched happenings you can imagine. If you are looking for the first push to make change, chase your dreams and be a part of the machine that makes things happen in this world, put this on your queue, stat. Not only will you realize anything is possible, you will realize you have it better than a lot of people and the only reason why things aren't happening for you is you. GET IT



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