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21 Qualities of a Magnetic Personality

A classic business book, "Think and Grow Rich," by Napoleon Hill has been read for generations. As it was written in 1937 there have been various updates and interpretations of it. I read the version "Think and Grow Rich for Women"by Sharon Lechter (which has case studies from successful women included).

In any iteration, Hill's book is a solid guide to the basics of traveling the road to success. Below are 21 traits Hill writes are key to a magnetic personality. Why do you need a magnetic personality? Well! It's a necessity for entrepreneurs, leaders, celebrities, coaches, salespeople. Really anyone who wants to have influence, create things, work well with others and such!

In Dale Carnegie's terrific book on personality, "How To Win Friends and Influence People," he tells many a tale of wealthy folks who run a company or department but know little about whatever the product is. Rather, they are adept at understanding, managing and receiving eager, dutiful service from people...because of their magnetic personality.

Hurrah! Here are the traits...

1. GOOD SHOWMANSHIP - Understand and apply the art of catering to the masses

2. HARMONY WITHIN SELF - Be in control of your own mind

3. DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE - Be definite in developing relationships of harmony

4. APPROPRIATENESS OF CLOTHING - First impressions are lasting

5. POSTURE + CARRIAGE - Alertness of body = alertness of mind

6. VOICE - Tone, volume, pitch, coloring

7. SINCERITY OF PURPOSE - Builds confidence of others

8. CHOICE OF LANGUAGE - Slang, profanity, pronunciation, annunciation, clarity

9. POISE - Self confidence and control

10. SENSE OF HUMOR - Levity

11. UNSELFISHNESS - No one is attracted to a selfish person

12. FACIAL EXPRESSION - Shows your moods and thoughts

13. POSITIVE THOUGHTS - Picked up by others, good vibes

14. ENTHUSIASM - Essential in all forms of salesmanship whether a product or idea!

15. SOUND BODY - Poor health does not attract

16. IMAGINATION - A dreamer, a visionary

17. TACT - Cut down loose conversation and expression (ex: gossip, naysaying)

18. VERSATILITY - The ability to maneuver, or "go with the flow"

19. GOOD LISTENER - Attentiveness, don't break in and take the conversation from others

20. FORCEFUL SPEECH - Have something to say, worth listening to, enthusiastically

21. PERSONAL MAGNETISM - Controlled sex energy

Now what?! Okay, pick a few things from this list you know you need to work on. Write them down and place them in a spot you look at all the time. Make it part of your daily practice to adjust these things. If your list is long, work on a few at a time.

Go forth. Make good.


NOTE: This list is the creation of Napoleon Hill and is property of that estate. Some descriptors have some Lovage elaboration.

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