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5 Good Vibe, Binge-Worthy TV Shows, 2016

Here at Lovage, we're into media that shows the finer side of humanity while entertaining, engaging and inspiring. Less violence, negativity and cynicism. More love, the overcoming of daily life struggles and motivation. Here are 5 tv shows we got into and why!


An untraditional family made up of same-sex parents, adopted and biological kids of varying ethnicities and backgrounds. This soap set in San Diego features kids and adults doing good, making mistakes, figuring junk out, helping each other, hating each other, judging, learning, forgiving and everything else that happens in life. Of course, everyone is hot, some of them are funny and all of them just want to live and love, at the end of the day.


Oh, yes!!! This is 80s John Hughes redux at its best. The creators definitely tapped into some of our favorite recognizable characters from classic 80s movies for the casting. These kids and adults connected by the Red Oaks country club fall in love, make messes, mix in and out of their socio-economic classes and chase opportunity. Classic!


Good clean sitcom fun with many great actors. Dean Sanderson isn't a lawyer but he played on on tv! He heads home from Hollywood to live with his family who do happen to be real lawyers. Rob Lowe and Fred Savage are both hilarious as are all the peripheral characters. Teens and adults get help from Uncle Dean whose preposterous advice often turns out to be surprisingly helpful.


People seem to love or hate this one. We love it because of the almost overwhelming diversity and, once it gets going, the terrific acting by long-time actors getting out of their comfort zones. Seeing older characters is so so rare and seeing them dealing with age-appropriate issues is even rarer. There's lots of sass, hijinks and love in this one. Truly a modern scenario premise which could only be pulled off by support from the ever forward thinking company that is Netflix. A favorite exchange when dad is begging daughter not to leave his house so he doesn't have to face his partner (paraphrased):

DAUGHTER: I have to go. I need my medicine.

DAD: What is it?! Maybe we have it here. Don't go!

DAUGHTER: You don't have it. It's a special blend of weed, xanax and wine. You'll be fine.

DAD: (he can't win this one) Ahhhh!!! (daughter leaves)


Oh! Another good "different sides of the tracks" show. Two teen girls, switched at birth and the families end up uniting, helping each other, resenting each other, learning from each other. Also, there are many real-life deaf characters which is something you don't see every day. The kids deal with all the things kids deal with while the parents battle infidelity, money problems, new relationships and such. This is in the same boat as the Fosters in a different setting. Family soap opera city!

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