10 Gorgeous WIX Websites

It's true! The WIX Platform offers the very best website flexibility,

user experience, and tech dominance!

As of 2019, Wix does it all. Say yes to...

• Killer Design

• Custom Coding

• Extremely flexible layout

• Drag & drop editing

• Worldclass SEO

• Lightening fast load times • Interactive Forms

• Member Areas

• Marketing Automation

...and so much more!

We're here to prove it to you. Take a peak at some of our favorite Wix-built websites, in no particular order. To be fair (and non-promotional, here), these are NOT Lovage sites or clients but examples of other developers' and designers' terrific work on the platform.

1. Ivy Chen | Developed by: Ivy Chen

The tiny details. The colors. The precision of execution. Excellent use of reveal scroll play.

2. Chef Jean-Francois Bury

Nice use of negative space. Bold and in your face.

3. Karlie Kloss

Because, Karlie. Also, a very well-made site that is spirited, classy, fun.

4. Greenville Avenue Pizza Company | Developed by: OurStudio

One of our favorite Dallas pizza joints has one of our favorite Wix sites!

Fun custom graphics, top notch video, interactive, and well organized.

Honestly, this is one of those sites that's got a ton of personality and is joy to navigate.

5. Craft & Bloom | Developed by: Emma Shahar

"I want my site to look simple and clean," says nearly everyone. Tons of planning, development, rounds of creative, and time go into delivering a website which looks as perfectly minimal as the one above.

6. Sonja Van Dülmen

For those who think minimalism is overrated. Avant-garde and memorable.

7. Sheabrand | Developed by: Everyday Alchemy

A well-organized site + a well-branded product = SUCCESS!! 👊

8. Animal

Great website. Minimal and memorable with great custom graphics.

And that logo! 😍

9. Tobias Becs | Developed by: Tobias Becs

A well-designed site knows how to direct its user. Your site can be straightforward and clean as long as it's serving its purpose.

Tobias's site aims to drive people to his social media. Make sure you also design with a goal in mind. ⚽🥅

Golaso, Tobias. 🏆

10. Asuka Eo

Asuka gets it. A minimal landing page is always a great way to get people to explore your site.

Design your site like you would design a room in your house- give your eye enough room to walk around.

There ya have it, friends. The proof is in the pudding! 😉

As longtime WIX producers, a WIX Agency Partner, and WIX Expert - Lovage has a deep understanding of WIX Website development capabilities.

Our talented team of designers, developers, creative directors, copywriters, and project managers are capable of providing web development, original artwork creation, graphic design services, branding, and marketing and promotions services to all our clients.

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