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10 Easy Ways to ECO Up Your Household


Ready to eliminate unnecessary toxins, reduce your carbon footprint, and save lots of cash money? For most of us, we only aren't doing the below-listed 10 things because we've never been exposed to these (super simple) alternative ideas! Here we go...

Use biobags instead of traditional plastic to dispose of pet poop!
BIOBAGS, biodegradable bags for pet waste

1. BIOBAGS for pet waste

REPLACES: Plastic bags with poop in them

WHY: Single-use plastic...cut it down. Also, the plastic impedes the biodegradation of the poop. Set that poop free to compost and return to the earth!

HOW: Purchase your biobags of choice. Use 'em! Cat litter, dog poop.

Parchment Paper for baking and food storage is an eco-friendly solution
Parchment Paper > Foil and Plastic Wrap


REPLACES: Foil, plastic sandwich bags, and most need for plastic wrap

WHY: Paper for the win! Much more degradable than metal and plastic.

HOW: Buy parchment paper and bags

You may use parchment on top of cookie sheets for baking and the sandwich bags in lieu of plastic bags. There are also large parchment bags for your big ol' bag needs (again, lose the plastic!). In the LOVAGE kitchen, when someone has given us a plastic ziploc bag, we save it and reuse it until it's dead (i.e. has holes or stuck on ew). If you can't reduce, at least reuse and recycle when possible!

Replace paper towels with washable rags!
Repurpose worn-out cotton items as rags


REPLACES: Paper towels, dish sponges

WHY: Save the trees, the plastic they come in, and the transpo eco waste to get them to you. It may seem like you can't live without paper towels until you do and then forget why you ever bought them.

HOW: Cut up any old, cotton things for their second life...that favorite tee that is worn out and stained? Keep it with you a bit longer... Towels which are no longer soft, old sheets, souvenir tees you never wear, etc. BUT BUT BUT..."my cat pukes! I dropped a bunch of pasta sauce! This mess is realllly sticky..." Well, those old cotton fabric items were headed for the trash, anyway - right? This is their last purpose before heading to the landfill. Choose the rags that turn out not to be as effective as reuse material to clean up that puke then toss the rag in the garbage.

How to make surface spray cleaner at home
Natural Homemade All-Surface Cleaner


Lose the toxic chemicals... forever.

REPLACES: All spray and liquid cleaners...like, all of them - glass, wood, countertops, toilet

WHY: For the most part, we don't need different cleaners for different things...that is a marketing gimmick. And is it "clean" if you are rubbing poisonous chemicals to kill germs + all other bacteria (most of which we actually NEED to stay healthy and balanced)?

HOW: use the below magic ideas and "recipes!"


- White Vinegar (grab a gallon for $2-5 at your local grocery)

- Filtered Water

- your favorite essential oil (from just a few drops to lots of drops - dealer's choice)

Mix Vinegar to Water at 1:1 ratio then add in essential oil. Pictured above is a repurposed "natural" cleaner plastic bottle with the original label removed. It's been in use for many years. Some oils to try: cedar, bergamot, citronella, rose, lavender

BONUS: Spray bottle never gets gross, clogged with build up, moldy, etc... this is a self-cleaning cleaner!


- Baking Soda (grab a box to keep under every sink at $1/pop)

- that is all, use it everywhere, on everything, which needs scrubbing. Gentle on dishware, cookware, silverware, wood, glass, tile, porcelain, rugs, fabric

BONUS: Baking Soda may also be sprinkled in cat litter as a deodorizer, in the dryer for freshening, used to whiten teeth, wash & brighten your face, or deodorize rugs in conjunction with a run of the vacuum.

How to eliminate plastic from your workout
Use a towel instead of plastic bag to carry sweaty workout gear!


REPLACES: Single-use plastic bags

WHY: What a waste!

HOW: Take a towel with you to workout and simply roll up your sweaty workout clothes in it to take home for washing. Throw the roll on the floorboard of your car or in your gym bag. Hey - the towel can go in the washer, too!

How to store bulk food items
Reuse jars for bulk item food storage

reuse your glass jars and containers to store toiletry items
A repurposed container housing a hair conditioner blend

How to carry salad dressing in your work lunch
A juice shot glass jar repurposed as a salad-dressing-on-the-go vessel!

6. JARS (repurposed)

REPLACES: Continued purchasing of containers for new product: travel supplies, bulk grocery items, vitamins, spices, etc

WHY: Reuse jars and containers are eco-preferable to a procuring a new container, every time. The pasta sauce jar. Your Uncle Harry's toothpaste container. That cute teeny juice shot glass bottle.

HOW: Save good jars and containers from previous items, clean them out, then reuse as you need. Storage of items, travel kit toiletries, travel portion of vitamins, work/school lunch ingredients, etc.

Buffalo Exchange, Thrift Stores, and more are spots to find recycled fashion
Recycled Fashion...fun, affordable, and good for the environment!


REPLACES: Buying all new wardrobe items and throwing clothes in the garbage

WHY: An effort to provide as much life out of product, as possible! Also, reuse clothing means money savings and unique pieces from all eras, parts of the world, types of makers, etc!

HOW: Shop consignment (ex: The Real Real), resale (ex: Buffalo Exchange), thrift (ex: Thrift Town, Goodwill). Donate your still-wearable closet rejects or trade them in at a consignment shop.

FOR INSPO: Check our CEO's Thrifty Arty Fashion Blog of Yesteryear (aka 2010-2012, RIP)


REPLACES: Your laundry machine constantly running - energy and water

WHY: Economical use of resources - water, energy, and cost

HOW: Be smart with your laundry batches - think efficiency of space, time, effort

Use reusable bags at the grocery
A homemade reusable bag about to get filled with bulk item nuts

How to eliminate plastic at the grocery store.
There she is. With nuts a-weighin'.


REPLACES: ...do not fucking use a million bags...buy or make cloth sacks

WHY: Most grocery items, even (especially!) fresh produce already has a protective covering. It's not necessary to put an apple, or a banana, or any produce, really, in a single-use plastic bag, then put that item in another plastic bag to carry out of the store.

HOW: Sew up some little loose / bulk items bags yourself or google some online, hit etsy, etc. Then reuse and rewash those suckers until they wear out. For something like a banana bunch... simply place the bananas in your cart or reusable carry out bag.


REPLACES: A ton of single-use plastic bags. Just say NO NO NO NO NO

WHY: The sheer volume. Oy. REMEMBER: Every single piece of plastic EVERY CREATED is still somewhere on this planet. Do your part to lower demand.

HOW: Reusable bags. Use your arms and hands to carry just a few items. Roll your cart to your car then unload individual items and do the same on the other end. Extra steps and a teeny bit of exercise. You and the earth both win.


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