Welp, the Online Arena is More Vital Than Ever!

Lovage is in a serve mindset - we are here to help you with your business updates for online connection and will entertain any and all size needs and budgets and accommodate as much as we are able!!


Update Messaging & Offerings

Keep your customers, clients, employees up to date with a temporary, informational new homepage or a pop up


New, E-Commerce Products

You've (quickly! cleverly!) developed a version of your offering for online consumption or added new items


Freshen Branding For Online World

Things have changed. You need to take your look, feel, and ease of use seriously to compete, present as "best in class," and look current, active, and modern

Again, Lovage is in SERVE THE PEOPLE mode and will help anyone we are able, scheduling-wise, at nearly any budget, as we can. Contact me (Stephanie, Lovage founder and CEO) directly at stephanie (at) lovageinc (dot) com

CHOREOGRAFX! We loved working with this creative company to create their new, double-division website. Our collaboration even led to a company name adjustment for them, bringing in the super hip "X" at the end of the brand name. This company is a fresh division from the artists behind Integrated Visions.


We're dropping some knowledge about the value of online real estate and content marketing as well as some SEO basics. Click to scan, click to learn. Woo.


We've got a couple new mentions.

Stephanie talkes how to handle betrayal in the workplace with The Ladders.

And her (fairly idle at the moment!) music project gets some play on Kizzie's Friday Game Changers Podcast.